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Please consider joining with us in making a difference by giving a tax-deductible donation to reConnect, Inc through the Community Foundation of Carroll County.  Stronger families mean stronger communities.  We all win.
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We are an Occupational Therapy based educational and therapeutic resource for individuals, families, and groups.  This means we focus on how well you can accomplish your Activities of Daily Living.

We care about how you FUNCTION. 

Can you get done what you need to do?  Can you work with those around you?  Can you use your gifts and talents to the best of your ability, contributing in some way to your community?  If the answer is NO for you or someone you know, then perhaps we can help you reConnect appropriately with yourself, family, friends, and the world around you.
Are you looking for a way to help your child function better in a group setting?  Respond appropriately to social cues?  Improve time management and decision making skills?  Our Social Participation Groups form on a rotating basis.   More information...
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Date Night
At a Glance...
For couples seeking to communicate better and build great team-work skills, while having a lot of fun!
In His Image - in partnership with local churches, high schoolers will focus on their value and that of those around them.
College and Career for young adults who may not be as successful as they could be.  This special 11 week session includes special assessments and customized sessions.  Anxiety, depression, ADHD, planning, goal setting, motivation, and a host of other issues.
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Improving Communication ~ Interacting Appropriately
~ Processing Information Correctly ~
Our unique Equine Assisted Occupational Therapy (EAOT) Program focuses on 3 main areas of function:

- Communicating Better
- Interacting Appropriately
- Processing Information Correctly

Each client brings to sessions a unique set of strengths and weaknesses, and our goal is to identify and develop the strengths, and understand and control the weaknesses. 

For example, a Master's level student working towards becoming a health-care provider needs to learn to communicate on a different level than a middle-school student with Asperger's struggling to develop healthy friendships.

A student with ADHD who barges into situations and isn't aware of their environment isn't interacting appropriately with those around them any more than someone with a Traumatic Brain Injury who isn't filtering what they say.

Anxiety and Depression or an Auditory Processing problem can cause problems processing verbal and non-verbal information correctly.
EAOT sessions occur in a natural environment, creating situations for participants to follow directions and experience "real-life" stresses, challenges, and successes.

The horses are incorporated into sessions as part of the therapy team, and interact naturally with the people that become part of their herd.  Their natural need for survival causes them to constantly scan and react to their environment, meaning they give immediate and unbiased feedback to the choices and actions of participants.
Horses also provide sensory stimulation and encourage intrinsic motivation.

EAOT Addresses Issues
faced by children and adults, including:
- Adapting to Change
- Autism Spectrum Disorder
- Anxiety, Depression, and Self-Harming
- Anger Management
- Cognitive and Motor Function
- Developing Healthy, Positive Relationships
- Environmental and Spatial Awareness
- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
- Self-Initiation and Self-Regulation
- Time Management, Processing, and Prioritizng
- Traumatic Brain Injury
As a result of the harsh weather conditions we need to replace the footing in both our Therapy Building and in our Outdoor Ring.  Please consider partnering with us by giving a tax-deductible donation.  For more information and to donate please click here, and keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information and updates.